12 Things to prepare for applying US student Visa

Studying 12 things to do before submitting the interview application below to enhance your chances of success when participating in the US student visa interview in 2014.


Many people have intention of studying in the US but “scare” the difficulty in  visa interviewing step. Here is general information and experience of precursor and what students should be noted in the interview for the US student visa.

  1. Released thoughts


Define clearly that the person you will meet is the US officers who is responsible for visa interview, and give you some questions concerning academic, finance, future plans … by Vietnamese (most of the visa officer can speak Vietnamese fluently) or English in a very short time (3-5-10 minutes). Surely they do not “eat” you, or ask in a “questions like this answers like that” way … and finally, better luck next time, study in other countries … In this goal, you will release your thought to “fight” confidently.


2.Be proper and groomed:


A polite appearance makes a good impression. You know that the first impression is very important, especially when you have very little time to talk with interviewing officers  who often only have a few minutes to conduct the process of interviewing you and make a decision.

  1. Provide information quickly and thoroughly:


If you can not answer the question in English, please ask to speak in Vietnamese, or use an interpreter, so you can present your topic clearly, concisely, accurately.


  1. Understand deeply and present well your specific studying goals.


Show your study plan in succinct and clear way . The visa officer want to hear sincere and specific answers . They often react unfavorably with the applicant who answers vaguely, by memory, or  have exaggeratedremarks about the greatness of the USA.


  1. Have obvious studying goals about specific expertise:


Be well-prepared to explain why you chose this school, this sector in the US instead of studying in Vietnam. Present clearly that study this sector is to learn about what, some benefits that you get when studying in the US, instead of studying in Vietnam, plans after graduation, your career development goals at Vietnam…


  1. Presentation of the overall studying plan in the United States and your reasons


You might come to the USA to study in package way English/colleges/university/postuniversity/,or only English…


If youcome to the US to learn English and create a certain specialized program, you need to explain all your learning programs: start from when, end at when, plans after finishing school , why choosing  the US to study, not Vietnam, UK, Canada … intention of accommodation in learning time, transport and finance to study , preparation for living far away from home … Notice that kind of answers like: “Education is the best in America”, “America is a developing country …” is not the answer of high value, but you need to show the firm reason why studying in American is better.

  1. If you will return your country to complete studying university after studying English in the United States:


Bring proof of your student status in your country: for example, confirm a student / students / staff in Vietnam, confirm attendance in the US for a while and then school / institution will receive you, invitations letter from organizations, professors … that studying in the US is a term and conditional …


Students, young pupils are often uncertain about their future, however, if you show a lack of certainty about the study plan, living in the US ,in the majority of cases, staff visa officers may think that you want to America for some other reason than to study, so, you need to prepare well for your information to answer.

  1. Complete and transparent finance :


Student visa profile is appreciated when having complete,clear,verifiable,clearly original and stong enough financial information to support you to study and raise the rest in Vietnam, can be seen through passbook and income per / month or year. The financial support you may be agencies or organizations you are working, or family members. The financial sponsors should provide confirmation of their working -income, where financial resources come, their age, cumulative process … When the visa officer found contradictory information conflict or unreasonable, they will not issue visas.


  1. “intention to return”:


The most common reason that many students are not granted the visa the applicant has not demonstrated to the visa officer that they will return home after completing his studies at the United States, that is not satisfied by Terms 214. b in US immigration law. To confirm your “intention to return” , a visa officer will ask you questions about the relationship binding you with your country and your learning plan, from which identify that you are ” potential “to stay or not stay.


So,preparing a complete US student visa interview application is very important, to prove you care your learning seriously, but knowlege preparation and interview skills  is more important, because this will show your inside part by the outward expression  It’s hard to tell you fully that yiu should follow a common format is to do this … this … because each situation is different student, and the studying counselor should work out to find detailed solutions to your particular case.

8.Your nognitive ability is below the average, you should be prepared to explain what you are going to be successful in the United States:


You can give a reason why your study marks  in Vietnam is not high (sick, bereavement, accident or other reasons …), or though your scores is not high but still meet the input requirement of the X university somehow, for specific reasons.. or you should have a letter from the principal or old teacher, or a letter from the school you are going to study in the United States commented that topic production of academic programs in the US for you is reasonable and explain the prospects for success in your learning in America.



  1. If you are refused to get a visa, there are some things you can do to reverse the rejection of records:


You may appeal this decision. In most cases, you will need to provide additional documents that were not presented in the initial application. Fax or e-mail of your school in the United States sent to the Embassy or Consulate in your city, including detailed information on the qualifications and ability of you and your request for review might be very  helpful for the successful appeal.


The faxes need sending directly to the Visa Chief Department at the Consulate where you apply. Fax and telephone number are on the Foreign Ministry website at http://usembassy.state.gov. In some cases, a visa officer may request additional information such as proof of employment, or ownership of the house or business establishment. You must meet the information requirements.


  1. The last:


A good and experienced student couselling company can fully help you prepare information effectively. Depending on your specific circumstances of learning, finance …, the counselors will guide you in detail from the food word, speech, walking, answering, reviewing records …

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