Base course of the School of Business and Public Administration (CBPA) Eastern Washington University (EWU)

MBA course’s establishments prepare students for higher-education courses in the MBA heavier. Former student of business school may not have to learn some or all the following courses before enrolling in the MBA core courses. 

Principles of Marketing

This course introduces students to marketing management, attention to products, distribution channels, price system, promotional activities, and the introduction of consumer behavior.

Business Law
This course teaches the law applicable to the business world and examines the foundation of the legal system of the US process. Subjects studied law and social environment as well as the impact of the law to the Organization and business transactions.
Accounting Basics
This is the speed disciplines to understand and use accounting information and accounting information systems in the enterprise environment, including information of financial accounting and management.
Theory and Organizational Behavior
This course will examine the nature of human behavior in organizations as well as the impact of the change to the structure. Knowledge platform concept applied to practical situations throughout the course.

Quantitative Analysis in Business
This is also subject acceleration of descriptive statistics and inference, including basic regression analysis, chip-square analysis and quality control methods.

Economic analysis
This is subject to the principles accelerated microeconomic and macroeconomic, referring to the operation of the system ministering price, supply and demand, the market form, factor income theory, public intervention Minister in the market, macro-economic measure, the determinants of income and national output, the impact of fiscal policy and monetary, and long-term growth.

Financial management
This course is a theoretical base of applications and analysis techniques in financial decision making. The course emphasizes the budget planning, working capital, cash management, cost of capital and capital structure decisions.

Operation Management
This is an integrated course focuses on models and methods for managing production and operations. Students study management practices in planning, on schedule, and control all products and service.

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