Breakthrough in Higher Education

We can train the pupils reach the international top level in most subjects. But the result will be if we join the contest as “outstanding international students”, “international master”, “international fellows” or “International Professor”?


Looking back at the achievements of high school students in our country in the international Olympiads past 40 years shows very clearly that we can train the pupils reach the international top level in most subjects. That is an achievement we are very proud, though some have argued that there is nothing so important to the Olympic gold medal in mathematics, because actually it does practically nothing related to economic and social development. If so, he could not say so competition run 100 meters, 5,000 meters, walkathon do, where can use cars, airplanes! Ultimately, the contest proved that all human desire to improve their capabilities, both muscles and mind. And victory in the competition which cannot be said that there is no sense!



But if there is competition, “international good student”, I make achievement of our students will not be so high, and could be lower if the contest “international high school”, “international fellows “, and in particular the results will be very low if the implementation” of international professors “! Of course no such fictional exams, because without competition, we already know who wins, who loses: just look at the quality of education in each country’s right.

So what is the cause?

High achievement of high school students of our school system so much specialized brings. These schools are the great interest of the state, and especially the families of students. Thus, the social investment for a good part of our students at school is probably not worse than other countries. However, to reach university level and beyond is very different. We have not properly invested in the construction of the university can international level. Yet for class society, new college graduates are the nucleus of the development, but first must be graduating high school. Watch out, people know more than our investment in place. That’s why more and more, the more they surpassed us. While each of our provinces are a specialized field, not counting four secondary schools located in the university (University of Natural Sciences, Hanoi, Hanoi Pedagogical University, Vinh University, College of Sciences HCMC Natural Sciences), it so far, we have not yet taken a grassroots postgraduate education are major investments that can hopefully international level. The higher education system as a comment of Professor Pierre Darriulat “chasing the glamor of the name of disciplines, universities are offering courses in economics, management, marketing, but the truth is that the majority part they only train the bank tellers, the desk officer, the foreman, and the sellers … many students just wasted four years of school to do a job is gradually forgottenĀ  Common knowledge with universities not seriously control the quality of the learner knowledge but still licensed, the scores are marked in a facile “. As for the training of Ph.D. – the teachers, the future scientist, never where using a process with well-defined and complex, not just scientific fact with Vietnam, as miserable middlemen implementation, while creating opportunities for the trading qualification … Also, not many of our professors from the facilities, equipment, research funding, promotion conditions, salaries … where there ‘ international level “, so it is difficult to hope for a time near, there is a team of” professors “as desired.

After all, if you want to achieve high performance in the contest fiction mentioned above, we need to review investment policies in education, and to boldly take the breakthrough in investment in higher education and after university, as we have a breakthrough in the development of specialized secondary class to finish today.

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