Educational Personality

Because all that is great and noble are created by individuals in the freedom struggle. […] It can be easily noticed that, all physical assets, spiritual and moral we get from society comes from the individual personality through countless generations. […] The new single individuals new thinking and thereby create new values ​​for society. (Albert Einstein)


Age-calling “personality”, but the call rang in vain, until we let the children as persons to live and learn; allowing them to have own wishes, thinking private thoughts, create personal knowledge, build own judgment; in short, until we ended smothered ingredients of personality that we met with nothing to hope for a skeptical public. (Ellen Key)


Personality, in a large scale, is the foundation of every nation, and education is a prism of colors radiate personality. No personality, no science or art. The value of the state, considering the long term, the value of the individual components, such as John Stuart Mill wrote. Want a strong country, independent, self-assertion. The individual must have strong, independent and self-assertion, self-discipline through education. That is a prerequisite. A country is represented in the international community with whom?With great personality and their spiritual wealth, No big personalities, big state cannot, without good aspect of the nation to be admired in the community of nations. Einstein once said: “The great science in fact just a personality problem” of the personality, of the particular potential in the crowd who did not like to be able to reach great achievements long. Dignity, independence, is a prerequisite of personal development and nation.

Germany 19th century, in the end the pain of the fall before Napoleon, was a comprehensive reform of education, from primary school to university, in order to restore human values ​​have been lost under the dictatorship feudal, monarchical, and neglected the backward economy. They rediscover the great personality, and the great value of sense to offset the large losses of material. And indeed they have grown in the “human education”, Menschenbildung.

Meiji Japan had introduced the essence of Western culture to build the new man, were restrained by the old school just to cater to world domination, rebuild personality and a new culture to the country has enough strength to cope with hazards. Encouragement of Learning, the name of the famous book of Fukuzawa, is sounding the battle of the front to set the single new school to serve the people and society. And they were great nations, have grown, on par with the nation ahead.

Education should aim for students to have the spirit of self-determination (Selbstbestimmung), rather than adapt, chasing, aiming not immediate interests or capture the knowledge and skills, which must be awakened to the potential fine great god within. Ethical education is education to a real person. Confront the temptations trivialization of pragmatism, enjoyment, welfare, physical pleasure. Let us take the example of a humane voice from Max Planck’s quantum discoveries that he brought modern science of the 20th century to the present day quantum theory. He recalled his humanistic school with the words educational impressive as follows:

“I salute the destiny gave me an education in the humanities. The classical Greek and Roman [the images] I never want to lose out of my memory. I firmly believe that, in the current era, driven mainly superficial benefits, the high school is even more important humanities than ever. Hence the need for youth to know that even a sort of ‘enjoy’ more than just kind of enjoying the material based on the field or save time and money. ”

A happy, satisfied, would be too happy with the present to think much about the future as Einstein said, he will easily fall into the “trap developed medium” and stalled, not overpower Vietnam, or the positions commensurate with their potential. Science and art need the personality to stand. Students should have experience with the world’s big way.

Education must teach students that dream. “There need to wishful [even] it not possible to implement all what is possible,” as Goethe. A dream, an ideal will always be motivated to go to the target man away. Lacking those, man no orientation, lack of a compass, how do to something worth mentioning? Having a high IQ, that’s good, but do not boast, because the owners can splurge, it smarts to oblivion, or to fall into mediocrity. Einstein never said he was smart. Inventor Edison also said he is not smart. Only the curious minds and perseverance in pursuing, “open sesame” new success.

Education should help people discover the truth longing. This longing is always developing engine of the Western world, from ancient Greece more than two thousand years and a half ago, was dormant by religion after the collapse of the Roman Empire, and ruled compromised of nomads (Hun), but then awakened after long darkness, constantly growing to the height of scientific, cultural, scientific revolution created, the industrial revolution and the Enlightenment, rather the renovation of the whole world.

Be very intense desire to make people go on the evolutionary ladder rising. German intelligence providers 18th century Gotthold Ephraim Lessing speaks burning desire to find the truth itself by image: If God kept all truth in his right hand, and the left hand is only one engine to find the truth, lively, and never turn off, though with conditions attached that I always and forever may be misleading, …., and then told to travel options, then humbled I would fall into his left hand and said, ‘Give me this hand! Perfect Truth only for Father!

The truth if it is not by herself, it is not sure its truth value. So for a time, one nation, and one people.. Deviation is the consequence of one to find the truth. But the torch to find the truth never turned off, and will give those looking to shore, all this class to another class, in the course of continual improvement of humanity. “A child, a young person, if they go wrong in their own way, for me still more people on the road on the right track but strange (not theirs),” as Goethe said.

But want to have ethical education, foremost need to get rid of the condition can reduce teacher personality, or prevent their healthy development. That involves freeing teachers from the rope tied to subsistence, administrative bound, so they have full freedom to research and professional exchange, to become role models brighter personality.

The first teacher they have leeway to express personality and their art education, with nuances, not bound to the rigid rules. Before the eyes of students and the public opinion, the teachers are bearers noble mission of training people with dignity and bravery for the country, they cannot be lowered by the life essence.

No country in the world tradition, including former South Vietnam, poor or rich, there are days in honor of teachers. But they very honored social educator. The honor was in the life assurance families and their children with dignity, liberating them from the worries of material, creating conditions for their professional exchange, and in the highly respected whenever listen Teachers spoke the word. Two letters were sacred and noble mission symbolizes the illumination as a teacher of social responsibility and the people entrusted. It is impossible to honor teachers for teachers but not enough for them to make a living overtime, causing a negative impact on education. No way teachers were trained generations of people to the country, making products and bring prosperity to society, but the poor class.

Second, you need to pay for education, for teacher. The intervention of the State too deeply, causing more harm to education. The history of developed countries is the history of the independence of education for religion and the State. This took place more than 200 birds a year.

The conflict now presents a serious crisis of education in Vietnam, not about financial capacity, or management, that of opinion. Termination of this crisis, new education green tree back, the location of the new teacher is full recovery and new education sublimation.

National Education is a cathedral, but teachers are the custodians. Let’s have a better treatment to the cathedral, and those who care for it.

Last few things to share with you pupil: teacher mentoring our fist away a ramp, creating a knowledge base and palate personality, suggesting some future directions hybrid, but for us to let go of self-entered the “sea life”. The rest was impressed with the example of the teacher, and the remains of the essence of education when we forget what they have learned. The five universities opened a vast horizon for science and art, the higher rung to buffet. But in the vast sea of ​​knowledge that we are, our path is, something consistent with our hearts. Not a few who go astray, because the most passionate time, stopping at a berth too long, because the illusion, but forget the need to further target. There are those who take decades to return to his true self rebuild their world. Man “is nothing new to do something”, as the great writer Goethe said. Must be something, “something different”, expressed through the personality, knowledge and virtue, we have a large scale valuable contribution to society. Each of us is born imprisoned in ignorance of Platonic cave, so there is no true freedom. But we have a hunch there are exits, and science is an intellectual tool has gradually only way out to understand the universe and humans.

Only the development of hard work and intelligence, we attain liberation. German writer Peter Weiss, who so loves ethnic VN in the most difficult phase, once said about himself: “I myself, I’m not free, my labor is liberation effort.” It illustrates the process of looking for him. He vehemently labor, as many occupations, from drawing, art, film, and then to write, underwent many difficult periods of life, to finally liberate themselves from ignorance to become one flaming torches, with pen. Experience failure is not useless, but the solid ladder to improve tone symphony grand. German Enlightenment Lessing House believes that, in the development of man, “the shortest route is not always a straight line”, but also believes that, since “all the wrong path, it is envisioned the right path towards it. ” It is the optimism of the Enlightenment of the 18th century.

People need two spaces free to personality development: the first free due to non-interference from outside in life education; The second free inner space within which the German culture calls “inner kingdom” (inneres Reich), Einstein called “inner freedom” (InnereFreitheit). “This inner freedom is rare gift of nature given, and is a worthwhile goal for the individual.” The space is fertile land containing the seeds and nurture creativity. It’s like meditation space, a source of creative energy. It is the land of all scientists and art workers, conscious or not conscious. Without this inner freedom, man will be infertile, prone to assimilation with the crowd.

The Germans boast “inner kingdom there that philosophy of German idealism as well as the literature of the classical school of Weimar was built, was ahead of the established political kingdom [of Germany] more a hundred years “(Wolf Lepenies). So they greatness

In short, wanted the country prosper, society should have more character development in a free environment, interior and from the external environment, such as education reformer Wilhelm von Humboldt conception. A society “mass production of standardized individuals without nuances and individual objectives will be an impoverished society lost the ability to develop”, as Einstein warned. Finally all pleased to share with you an event game. Albert Camus, the French great writers of the 20th century, after receiving the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1957, immediately write a letter of thanks sent to his first teacher, elementary school teacher in Belcourt, a poor neighborhood city ​​Algiers where Camus grew up with the family emigrated France. The impact on long-term decisions and he was a teacher there, as he wrote in his autobiography, was known to make sense of personality for him and the classmates. For teachers, the students first felt “they exist, and is the object of the highest respect … we have full dignity and deserve to discover the world.” Calmus said to “Regards.” and” Dignity “from an anonymous street child and not the origin. That is the experience of the student decision gave him the will to learn and a sense of themselves. He showed the impact of respecting education is profound personality seems certain, worthy educators think.

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