Student Visa in USA: is it really difficult?

That a staff at the US visa interviewing part – LSQ of US in Vietnam arrested because relating to the sale of visas for Vietnam while in office has sparked fears:  US visa is naturally difficulty to apply for- in conception of many people, it will become more and more difficult?




1 / The Advantages of applying for a US student visa:


In Compared with a student visa in many other countries, the US student visa is quite advantageous.


  • Regulations on the US visa asking process are quite stable:


For this 10 years, almost there have been 1-2 extra forms and require to fill for a  online visa,so it is  very convenient for authorities to see the general information about the candidates before. Compared with the UK, Australia and other countries, this is the ideal, because counties above change and supply policies quite often,which makes students very hard to follow. The US visa papers is not outside the category: personal papers, study, finance … just need be adequate, clear, logical, legal.


  • US student visa fee is not expensive in compared to other countries;


US Overseas Students pay 200 USD service fees and 160 USD interviewing fees, a total of 360 dollars. If supplied a visa, you can study secuely about years there without redoing the visa, and if out of the US and at the time you back to the US, the visa was out of date more than one year, you must apply a new visa . Meanwhile, the Australian visa is about $ 600, although your course is only 6 months of English courses and a long-term professional course, costs of Britain visa are  nearly 10 million, not including health caring costs.


  • USA visa is considered quickly:


. You declare online records and make an appointment to interview, you go to interview , the time of interview are about 3-10-15 minutes, and then you will know the results immediately and if OK, the visa will be sent to home the following day, which helps you avoid being anxious.


  • USA Visa applying records don’t need being translated;


conveniently, you just bring what you have to go to the interview.


  • The US does not force you to have English certificate when applying or interviewing for a visa:



While the Netherlands requests you have 5.0, the Swiss requests you have 4.5, UK requires you have IELTS 4.5 or 5.5 … This avoids you the hassle, and unnecessary expense when you must test to have English certification


  • Can use Vietnamese when participating in visa interview:


The US visa interview staff are fluent Vietnamese. This, of course is very convenient for you


2 / A number of key issues lead to a refusal to grant a visa


  • Learning Roadmap, unsuitable course


For example,you just apply for English course, even without prior payment to study;you graduated from the university in Vietnam, but applying for community colleges’ enrollment – lower educational level, the qualification you had (it is easily misunderstood that you only want the cheap tuition – pretext to the US); or applying for colleges a completely different sectors that you do not have experience or not explain why or  giving the reason which is not convincing;or you use English as “wind” to the visa interview staff but still please go to learn English …


  • Profile is inappropriate in certain stages:


Let us say, poor or  poor average academic performance (not good at learning  in Vietnam by using mother tongue – hard to do well by using English when in the US?), Criticism in the transcript of academic sense –poor moral of students or creation of doubts about the self-improving ability of students overseas,  household and ID card enter your name without conection , confirmation and explanation, for renting house but not accompanied by proof of payment of income tax or only a written contract, the home papers notes number, street name messily … without attached evidence for the fact that though there are two ( house number), there is one (home) …

  • Profile is dishonesty:


Especially, there are fake transcripts and fake financial documents. Bedding for high points, editing transcript’s points, thanks to making a financial contribution to capital delusively to be confirmed overseas studying finance, fake tax payment paper, ask a family member to transfer ownership the red book for parents of students to declare that there are buildings, that are the facts occurring and discovered very much.


  • Do not totally understand the question and answer in speculation about the contents of the question:


General psychology of Vietnam’ students is afraid to ask: afraid to ask the teache  in class, afraid to ask even if I have not understood questions of visa interview staff, try to answer the questions according to speculation of themselves. In many cases, this wrong thing leads to after another …


  • Lack of knowledge and life skills and communication can lead to unstandadized expression in the interview:


How many people feel confident that you will get a visa when go to the interview? Or the  interview has not yet occured but worry about the failure? You will be confident to be granted visa on what grounds? Rich – not enough. Study well- not enough. You need extra life skills, skills to express yourselves, marketing yourself to everyone’s knowledge about you.


3 / The disastrous misunderstandings about applying for a visa, the US student visa interview

Someone committed to get a visa for you, or your profile will definitely get a visa …? Never believe, your profile and your representation in the visa office are mustly decision.

Fake profiles (transcript / degrees / finance) are bypassing the visa office staff, aren’t them…?

When you hold the fake profile, are you confident? If so, just only try and it is easy to identify. You should never risk your name and  opportunities in such vague things.


Coming to America is happy and so you need determination. This happiness is  true for people who study, work, settling-the things which  met the conditions of their visas, because then, they have a place to eat, shelte, study or work, have money and built-in support regulations; and the happiness is not true to people who intend to stay in hiding, because these people have no jobs, without any protection regimes. Many of people desired and dreamed of America so much  that they felt too nervous to interview, obviously, this will be detrimental to them.


Just have the money, wherever you study is good:

Yes,if you have much money, you can do many things, but being a citizen of Vietnam, when studying overseas you do not get the privileges as citizens of Australia, Britain, Hong Kong (China) … If you think that having money helps you all ,you will be too confident, maybe at higher level that is arrogant, lack humility in communication, this can hurt you.


Register this way,but study in other ways:

University graduates apply for masters, take visa based on master studying plan,when in the US,change into community college itself, or J1 visa (cultural exchange),according to regulations, it is is of 1 year, you must  go back and apply for another visa again (J1 or F1) if you want to return to school, or  hire a lawyer to make you stay, or apply to stay in school yourself, when going back to visit your Family- reapply visa- you will be not granted visa again, the reason is that you have broken  regulations with you firs visa.

Above are a few details to share – hope they are useful to you  – and you will begin to apply for a US visa . Good luck!

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