Studying at the prestigious American Universities

Navitas Institudes system connect with leading universities in Australia, Britain, Canada, Singapore and 5 prestigious universities in the US, including: Western Kentucky (WKU), Massachusetts Boston, Massachusetts Dartmouth, Massachusetts Lowell and New Hampshire (UNH).


Visco continue to enroll for courses starting in 8/2014 and 1/2015 with many incentives for students: free advice, training for interviews, student visa guidance for studen making admission procedures , attractive scholarship opportunities.


When choosing Navitas, students will be studying at the prestigious universities which are accredited by high-reputation accreditation agency such as AACSB, ABET. Enrollment time is flexible in January, May and August, free English test alternative to TOEFL – IELTS. Schools receive students who graduated from GCSE, O-level, Russian 11-year course high school , without SAT; ensure the second year for undergraduate, master.


You’ll get free GRE, Pre-MBA program training GMAT test, no asking experience. Students learning pathway achieve better results than students enter universities immediately. You are supported in your learning: academic advising, personal counseling, free tutoring teacher, part-time jobs counselling…


University of Massachusetts – Boston


University of Massachusetts – Boston is a public university located in Boston, one of the best cities for students studying in the US. Boston is known as America’s education capital, with more than 350,000 students are enrolled in more than 50 universities. The school is famous for business and information technology. The universities is on Top 20 schools in Massachusetts; top best universities in Northeast (Princeton Review 2012), 1st Tier business schools , ranked 135th nationally.


University of Massachusetts – Dartmouth


The school has a closed campus and outside the city, a good learning environment, safety and low cost of living, strength of the business and technique. This is the number 1 public school of the Northeast region (Association of Universities in Northeast of US). School is the 1st Tier,1st public university in Northeast, ranked 14th in US. Technical degree program of schools is ranked 35th nationally (US News and World Report in 2013); top 300 best business schools of the United States (Princeton Review, 2010).


University of Massachusetts – Lowell


Facility of the school is located near the center of Lowell. Students can benefit from the central location and dormitory on campus, strength in science, engineering and business. School is the 1st Tier ,ranked 184th throughout the country, the top 200 researching universities (US News & World Report).

University of New Hampshire


It is the largest university of New Hampshire, having dock right on campus. The school has strong fields of business, science and technology (funded by NASA), the hotel tourism. The school is 1st Tier, ranked the 101th nationally, the 46th in public universities (US News & World Report 2012).


The accounting program is ranked the second in the world (the study of Brigham Young University). Economic Sciences faculty is ranked the 10 nationally (, the top 25 in the US (Princeton Review), the top 20 in technical programs and technologies, top 301-400 leading universities in 2010 (ARWU Shanghai Jiao Tong ).


Western Kentucky University


As one of the university have the most beautiful campus in the USA,is famous for specializing in business and technical, especially the press and media. During 19 years, the school is in the top 5 US universities awarđe Hearst Journalism Award. The school is in the top 11 schools in US public universities, ranked the 33rd in the South (US News and World Report). The press and media program is one of the most leading programs in the country.

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