The definition of success

Devices with you please spend some time to quiet his meditations. Life will show you there are those who achieved success as a simple way to surprise. Success is when a father and son had the courage to step into the kitchen, Cooking Mama like the 8-day 3. Soup can slightly salty, fish sauce should have a dark red color, margins… black fire.

But look, I still laugh at the moment. Because the two of you could not succeed on the “battlefield” kitchen nực but successfully donated her mother “rose” a world of love. A gift of meaning than the precious gifts, happy glitter in the eyes of his mother.

Success also is the image of a boy suffering from deformities in the foot, never goes back to normal. From small did you dream of becoming football players. After training efforts, the boy became a reserve player in a small team, and have never been officially made. But that is not a failure. On the contrary, success was blooming when the old year boy, with strength and determination, has won the circumstances to pursue from dream on baby poems. The materials of these people achieve?


After each cycle the University, how “electronic artists” when know its become “suicide doctor”. Two seven-point high, really. But what happens when that high aspirations 1 retrieved two seven dash five? It is not actually a failure, just as success-being-maintenance-postponed. Life still welcome them with the 2 wishes, aspirations 3. It is important that they have the utmost effort to assert themselves. That is the meaning of integrity of the exams, and also the nature of success.

The day was young, I was reading a story so touched. The tale of a poor boy with the song writer describes her mother-the woman has sheltered life. The boy is about a mother with hair dew, mix with hands wrinkled but soothing Sage Assembly of ram and warm. He concluded that: her grandmother is the mother-woman who support you throughout life’s journey. The article writer, to write back home. But that was a success, by there nature contain love of orphaned grandchildren for grandparents. Whether success would, love is more sacred?

Many years ago, the press ever honored with a poor pupil pass College with the position players. For him, it was a great success. But there is one other success, Đổi that large, it is the victory of a father almost 20 years bike cyclo Nursing College. How faith and hope to show up on my face which have suffered more austere. On the University parking son and also the graduation day tags-learn-by-a-the-father.

I know there’s a female students graduated from University with a degree in honors nearly twenty years ago. With his talent, you can succeed on the path his career and fame. But she did accept year students sacrificed the chance of his life to become a wife, a mother soothing take Sage of her two little Princess.

Until now, when was a middle-aged woman, my mother still tells me that: “take care of Dad and two children, for his mother had been a great success”. When she’s saying, I fell tears. The family is happy, is the result of my beautiful mother, and we have to thank my mother for that.

People always desire to succeed, but blindly pursuing the truth is meaningless. You want to get rich, like to become billionaires like Bill Gates? Then fold the coins carefully and then give it to her on the Prog. With a beautiful job, you will let people understand you not only wealthy materially rich soul. Then, you have actually succeeded.

Also when you dream of success will come with me to the Abramovich-the boss of the team all the stars? Success not just where you spend time caring for “” team of your family. In it, you get immeasurable love, stuff that Abramovich did not return from his players. Success to everyone a simple way and how sweet!

You are born, it is a great success of father and mother. Your responsibility is to keep the beauty the perfection of her success. Don’t ever think that Noah brewed life is a string of failures, by the British as a professor once said: “this life without fail, there are affordable is the way we see things only”.

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