The Great Lakes College of Toronto (Canada)

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Type: Private
Principal: Tom Tidey
Graduates: 13,000
Location: 323 Keele Street, Toronto M6P 2K6 Canada


The Great Lakes College of Toronto is a private international high school preparing for students go to universities in Canada and the US. The school was founded in 1978 with a focus on developing expertise in providing university preparation courses and English language training for international students when choosing to study abroad in Canada.

The Great Lakes College of Toronto is famous for “special educational program”, to meet the diverse needs of all students. The school also offers incentive programs and scholarships for students. Professionalism and quality of the training have made the reputation of the school.


Recognized as the leading private school for students preparing for university.
Providing programs and grades 9-12 college preparatory courses.
Provideing pre-university programs within 5-8 months.
Providing summer programs of English Second Language (ESL) with classes having average number of students.
Canadian teachers who are very qualified and experienced
School’s dormitory is located Toronto centre.
Courses and flexible days for admission: 5 semester / year


The main campus of The Great Lakes College is conveniently located in the centre of Toronto, Canada. This is the focus of many enterprises and industrial centers. This will create favorable conditions for student’s developement.

Toronto is also home to many well-known universities like University of Toronto, York University, Ryerson Polytechnic University. The large number of businesses and industries in the city which provides students with the opportunity to learn about the rapid development in North America, the social environment and the economy.

Public transport system will help students easily travel in the city. In addition, the multicultural community of Toronto makes it easy for international students to integrate into the life of the city.

Its training facility is located near downtown Toronto at North High Park area – the largest park in the center of Toronto and is also the most privileged inhabitants. The school is located near the subway line, TTC bus routes, public libraries, supermarkets, banks , center of culture and entertainment.

Also, this area is close to many of Canada’s largest universities such as the University of Toronto, York University and Ryerson University. This is especially demonstrated that this is a very important destination of immigrants and students worldwide.

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