The highlights of the school of business and public administration (CBPA) Eastern Washington University (EWU)

Master of Business Administration program EWU is a senior professional business administration, focusing on management skills such as decision making, critical thinking, communication skills, interpersonal relations development in organizational structures, and the legal aspects, ethical, economic, social, political and environmental global activities of the organization.


Here are some of the reasons students should consider studying MBA at EWU.
The MBA program is AACSB accreditation are affordable but also very strict. Tuition is about 31. 674USD the entire program, including premiums and policy fees.
In addition to natural beauty, Spokane is also the cultural center and entertainment of Inland Northwest vast. This is a unique geographical location, allowing students to enjoy the elegance of the region to focus on learning, the spirit of a pretty small university town, the recreational opportunities in the Northwest also as countless opportunities a metropolitan area offer. School attendance is also very convenient because the bus system smoothly.
The postgraduate program at EWU business starting in 1966 and Master’s programs in Business Administration approved in 1975. The MBA program is the Association Promoting University Faculty of Business The AACSB International accreditation. EWU quality business education; Less than 15% of the world’s business faculty is AACSB accreditation.

Lecturer teaching MBA courses are renowned scholars and international countries, and have close ties with the local community. They have knowledge in professional update thanks to the implementation of research, write textbooks and scientific papers, contributions of the new trend in the theory and practice of business. The classes are small, ensuring a high level of exchange between faculty and students.
The MBA program was held at the School of Business and Public Administration at Eastern Washington University, located in central Spokane Riverpoint facility. Located in the new university district should go to school to grade very convenient. The facility has modern classrooms, including a large 200-seat auditorium.

Program Masters of Public Administration (MPA) have trained with dual forms. This dual degree program combines educational and administrative supervision required to enhance careers in the public sector or private sector, to bridge the relationship between the enterprise supply management function of the state. This dual degree program for students is particularly beneficial when working out in today’s business world, key skills required in relation to public-private partnership (PPP).
By EWU international double collaborated with the University of applied sciences in Schmalkaldan, Germany Dual Degree International training. This program allows students to study at German second consecutive term and help students to complete both in the shorter time than the individual study program. The program combines EWU’s MBA and Master of Applied Science University in Schmalkaldan, Germany.
Students who wish to improve their English skills in order to be enrolled in the MBA program may enroll in the Program Support English Skills (less) organized by the English Language Institute. This is a year of special training programs focuses on developing skills and write texts discuss the transaction, equivalent to TOEFL IBT 92. 2 subjects students study business establishments with the support hours each semester in English in 4 quarters (fall, winter, spring, summer).

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