The Lawrence Technological University

Lawrence Technological University is a University Committee and is a member of the Association of school and college students in North China region. Here is the list of the university’s member of the school.

School of architecture and design
School of architecture and design LTU educate interdisciplinary in arts, sciences and society, technology, economics and law. This is one of the oldest, largest and expertise in the field of architecture in the US, where students get an ample community and creativity. Former graduate students founded their own firms, build the tallest building in China, and create products that transform the lives of thousands of people.

School of Arts & Sciences
Contents of the core curriculum of the School of Arts & Sciences where all university students are studying to be built on the participation interaction between the disciplines of literature, history, philosophy, mathematics, natural science as well as art. Students accede LTU learning communities and knowledge-sharing experiences through the readings, guided discussion, and group problem solving. Professor of the enthusiastic support both individual students and professionals inside and outside the classroom.

School of Engineering
With 80 years of experience, educating engineers successful LTU School of Mechanical Engineering equips students the tools and experience needed to enter the profession of engineers or higher degree. The program is accredited by LTU provides students with a solid foundation of basic knowledge in environmental engineering teeming with entrepreneur’s thinking.

Students have the opportunity to conduct research in collaboration with the federal government and state governments, international corporations, and hospitals. Many professors from both schools work in the education sector should ensure the school has updated both coherent and consistent with reality.

School of Management
Diploma of business management school of LTU could take students to go anywhere. This intensive program consists of lessons and interdisciplinary exercises, workshops, seminars and study guides. They learn to apply knowledge into practice leader and managing global lilly to compete with the best people.

Center for Academic Achievement Zaven Margosian: Center for Academic Achievement (AAC) is a support center for students and a lecturer at Lawrence Tech. LTU students to AAC for help with homework, revision, review homework each other, meet school groups, or search for the necessary momentum flame.

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