The majors which are the highest paid in the US

The latest salary survey in the US of NACE Association shows that technology sectors dominate in the list of faculties with high starting salary (for a new graduate).


In ten majors with the highest starting salaries,there are up to six majors in the technology block. Leading  the table is the computer engineering major with a starting salary of $ 70,400 a year. Graduates  of computer sciences major  will also be able to reach higher starting salary no less, up to $ 64,400.


Many technology companies, softwares of the US outsource one or more of their parts out of the border as India, China and Vietnam (recently) to save costs for domestic workers in the same position and amount of work. The “importation” shortly labor force in the IT sector is also in personnel policy of these companies. Vietnam students studying abroad this sector has the opportunity to settle after graduation (not only in America but also in many developing countries around the world) than the majors which are not in market demand and prior policies of government.


According to Mr. Marilyn Mackes, CEO at NACE, then this is nothing to surprise when actual market demand is much higher than supply. Faculty IT always belongs to prior sectors for highly qualified migrants in many countries around the world.


Adjacently, the starting salary for faculty of engineering chemistry is at $ 66,400, and is up to $ 64,000 of faculty of  aerospace engineering. Three top-class blocks which are always top about demands on the global market are also in the list:electrical engineering, electronics and communication engineering. Graduates of this block may have a starting salary ranging from $ 62,000. Not only in the US market, graduates of electricity engineering, telecommunication electronics and mechanics always have the lowest unemployment rate in the European market and developing countries in Asia. Students Vietnam in America after graduating from this sector may find works in and outside the United States. At the bottom of table  are  2 construction sectors and information systems. A single sector in the list of top 10 which is not on the engineering block is the financial technology. Starting income of graduates of this sector reaches $ 57,300 in the last year in US.


20 choices about the best schools training faculties above includes: Colorado State University, Rochester Institute of Technology, Texas A & M University, Wichita State University, University of Michigan, Western Kentucky University, Pace University, Kent State University, Soutern Illinois University, Florida Institute of Technology, State University californica (East Bay), Cleveland State University, Wright State University, University of Cincinnati, University of St. Louis, Tennessee Tech University, Lawrence Technology University, University of Massachusetts Boston, Oklahoma City University, University of Central Missouri .

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