Western Kentucky University

I.Informations about Western Kentucky University

Western Kentucky University (WKU) is located in the beautiful city of Bowling Green, on top of the mountain with beautiful and friendly landscape. It only takes one hour for you to travel to Nashville – the hometown of country music with world renowned music legend Elvis Presley , Which is known as the city of music in America.


School attracts more than 20.178 students annually to study, 93% of the students in this country are favorable conditions for English communication. Climate here has four distinct seasons, is very good for learning and living of international students

WKU is listed fifth largest University of Kentucky state, is a public university which has been recognized for quality education

II.Why should students choose Western Kentucky University

Ketucky is famous with hospitality, a pleasant climate here makes its people have the most friendly lifestyle in the US

small classes can help you get more attention from teachers.

WKU has modern facilities, owns American atmosphere on site with hundreds of cherry trees stretching roads .. As of WKU students, you can participate in over 350 student organizations or clubs, you can use free wifi everywhere. There are 27 dining venues including 4 cafes; P.O.D market is the place where you can purchase from toiletries to groceries; In Preston center you can enjoy your break or or train gyms after stress hours in school.

The students have the opportunity to live in “off campus” with room rates from only $ 380 / month. The apartment is full of comforts, several bedrooms, internet, separate kitchen and bathroom, separate laundry room.
Easy to find partime work on-site school.
WKU received certification and training charts such as:

– 1 in 40 destinations in the US universities allows international students (The Chronicle)
– WKU is one of 340 competed schools in Division I-A level for athletes
– There are 27 of WKU alumni who won the Pulitzer Prize.
– WKU is one of the top class universities with gifted classesl in Kentucky
– Faculty of Journalism and Broadcasting WKU has won a position in the top 5 countries for 20 consecutive years ( according to Hearst Journalism Awards Program)

III. Training Program

1. ESLI English language program for students without IELTS / TOEFL

2.Preparation University program(equivalent to year 1 in University): Economics, Accounting, Finance, Management, Marketing, Tourist Accommodation, Information Technology, Construction, Newspapers, …

3. Bachelor Program: Economics, Accounting, Finance, Management, Marketing, Administration hospitality, construction engineering of traffic, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Media, Newspapers, graphics, fashion Design, information technology, Agriculture, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Biochemistry, …

4. Pre-master program: Business Administration, Economics, Education, English …

5. Master Program : Business Administration, Economics, Education, English, Agriculture, Chemistry, Geography, Mathematics, Public Health, Communications, Computer Science, …


Tuition: $ 24.010 US / year

Cost of living : $ 10.700 US / year

V. Entrance Requests

University Program: Graduated high school, GPA > 6.5, does not require the TOEFL / IELTS
Master’s degree program: Graduated university ,GPA 6.5 or higher (to apply for scholarships : 7.0 – 8.0 depending on the sector), do not require the TOEFL / IELTS and work experience

VI. Enrollment Period

January , June , August every year.

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